About me


I am a PhD candidate at the Security Group of Eindhoven University of Technology under the supervision of dr. Luca Allodi. I’ve completed my studies cum laude in Computer Sciences and Engineering at Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, Italy in 2019; the thesis is entitled “CARONTE: a Crawler for Adversarial Resources Over Non Trusted, high-profile Environments” and has been published in the proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Attackers and Cyber-Crime Operations (WACCO) held at IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The goal of my research is to characterise threats emerging from underground blackmarkets. Specifically, I’m focusing on how they’re framed in the threat scenario, as well as studying the foundational problems of threat intelligence obtained from underground surveillance.

To this extent, my efforts address the discovery of emerging underground criminal business models and how they’re framed into the criminal supply-chain, how these businesses support the provisioning of offensive cyber capabilities for an arbitrary threat actor, the circumvention of adversarial countermeasures to investigation and infiltration in blackmarkets, the attribution of illegal products and services available across the markets, and underground theat intelligence reliability improvement.


In my spare time, I enjoy bouldering, trekking in the nature, playing piano and CTFs on HackTheBox; my handle is alphacentauri. With some friends, we have a blog where we (seldom) publish writeups of the boxes we own on HackTheBox.